IE 5995: IoT and Edge AI Programming

3 Credits - Winter 2022

Instructor: Yanchao Liu, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Industrial & Systems Engineering Department | Tel: (313) 577-3301

Time: Friday 05:00pm - 07:30pm


Learn sensor programming on an embedded device; use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and MQTT to implement data streaming, remote control, and multi-device networking; explore the IoT data processing life cycle which includes capturing, cloud storage, and data analysis; develop and deploy machine learning models for use in mobile and edge computing environments. 

Expected Learning Outcomes

After completing the course, students should be able to:
•Identify different components of IoT
•Select development boards and tool chains for application prototyping
•Program MCU and SoC to read sensor data and control actuators
•Analyze sensor data using machine learning tools
•Use TensorFlow Lite to deploy neural networks on capable MCUs


Working knowledge with C and Python is required.


TinyML by Pete Warden and Daniel Situnayake, O’Reilly, 2019
Students are responsible for purchasing hardware parts needed for the study and project. Total cost will be less than $200 per person.