Tentative Modules


- Internet of Things (IoT)
- Cloud computing
- Edge computing
- Neural networks and TinyML overview
- Industrial applications

Programming refresher

- Python programming
- C programming (language, environment, and tools)

Development boards (STM32 Nucleo, ESP32)

- Embedded systems development overview
- Read datasheets
- Read serial via PuTTY
- MicroPython firmware and environments
- STMCubeIDE environments

Use ADC, UART, SPI, I2C, PWM, Timer

- Temperature sensor – thermocouple type J, K
- 9 DOF Gyroscope
- Reading and decoding GPS signals
- Servo motor

Communication & Networking

- Wifi setup, operating modes, send and receive
- Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) protocol and usage
- MQTT protocol and usage
- Binary data packing and unpacking
- Real-time database

Edge AI development

- Train neural networks with TensorFlow
- Convert model using TensorFlow Lite
- Deploy model on MCU for real-time inference

Develop & deploy OpenCV applications on SoC (e.g., Raspberry Pi 4)

- Get started with RPi ecosystem
- Build the ML and CV toolchain on RPi
- Using OpenCV via Python
- Build sample applications

Project workshops

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