Energy Systems

Energy systems are ubiquitous and affecting all aspects of modern life. My research in power and energy systems focuses on addressing critical decisions regarding policy, planning and operations of the power grid via optimization modeling, statistical learning and data mining.

Discovering Insights from Connected Smart Meters

Just like a smart meter can accurately measure the energy footprint of a household, a connected and communicating network of smart meters is able to take the pulse of a whole community. Such a data flow tells a lot about what's going on in the community as well as what might have gone wrong in any individual home. Analytics of smart meter data can provide both immediate, safety-related alerts and long-run insight that shepards lifestyle changes toward the healthier. My research will create methodology and software tools to harvest analytical insights from connected systems of smart meters.

Demand Response Policy

Demand response (DR) refers to a reduction in the consumption of electric energy by customers from their expected consumption in response to an increase in the price of electric energy, or to an incentive payment designed to induce lower consumption of electric energy. DR is an important element in both the wholesale and retail electricity markets. The soundess of its compensation policy is paramount to the economic and reliable operations of the power grid. I have been active in the DR policy research and will continue to contribute in the area.

Optimal Power Flow

Dispatching generation resources in a power grid to economically and reliably meet the demand has been a challenging optimization problem, which directly affects the outcome of million-dollar energy markets on a daily basis. My research creates innovative and deployable technologies that deliver improved solutions to OPF and other related problems.